Environmental policy

Comply with laws and regulations, save energy and reduce waste; participate in and improve continuously.

Compliance with laws and regulations: comply with and comply with laws, regulations and other requirements related to environmental factors;

Energy conservation and waste reduction: make full use of resources and energy, gradually achieve the environmental goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction, and reduce production costs;



Dongtai City Huawei Standard Component Company Ltd.

General requirements of environmental policy:

a. The company manages the environmental management system according to the "Eight Principles" of quality management;

b. In order to ensure the adequacy of the environmental management system, the company shall identify the processes required by the environmental management system and its application in the organization, which shall include management activities, resource provision and measurement related processes. Corresponding control shall be carried out according to the impact and complexity of these processes on the environment;

c. Through the establishment of environmental management system, the rational and effective use of technology, human, material and financial resources, in view of important environmental factors, the development of objectives, indicators, management plans, operation control, emergency response and other control procedures, and strive to achieve economic and effective environmental protection;

d. Ensure that necessary resources and information can be obtained to support the operation and monitoring of these processes;

e. The method of monitoring, measuring and analyzing the process shall be specified to understand the trend of process operation and the degree of achieving the planning result, and necessary measures shall be taken according to the analysis process to achieve continuous improvement;

f. According to the impact of outsourced processing products on the conformity of the company's products, during the realization of the company's products, the control criteria and methods shall be clearly defined. The outsourcing process of the company includes solid waste treatment, transportation of raw and auxiliary materials and products, inspection / maintenance of equipment (facilities), verification and maintenance of monitoring and measuring devices, outsourcing detection of raw materials and products, and monitoring and evaluation of environmental outsourcing.



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