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This company produces “FL” brand hesagon bolt,socket hexagon bolt,machine screws, self tapping screws,triangle thread forming screws ,expansion anchor,carriage bolts, thread rods,press products.All or the stainless steel parts are made of excellent stainless stel raw material AISI302,304,305,316 & 410 which are imported form Japan,Korean,and Taiwan.It adopts standard GB,ISO,DIN,ANSI,BS & JIS to arrange production.It can also produce special non standard fasteners accoding to the custometers’requirements,amples and drawings, Meanwhile,it can produce various kinds of precision components in mass according to the clients’ drawings with imported complete automatic precision high-speeed lathe.Besides it manufactures precision castings of many non-ferrous metal alloys (stainless stell,copper,aluminium alloy) according to the customers’drawings or samples with investment casting, sand casting,shell casting and gracity casting.


2011.11 won the title of "popular supplier" on fastener industry website

2011.12 "FL" trademark won "Jiangsu famous trademark"

2012.2 won the title of "brand supplier" of famous industry website

In March 2012, "FL" brand stainless steel fastener won the title of "Yancheng famous brand product"

Dongtai Huawei standard parts won the title of "top ten outstanding brands" in China fastener industry on October 2012

2012.12: Vice Chairman of Yancheng chamber of Commerce of China International Chamber of Commerce

In November 2013, Dongtai Huawei won the title of "top ten stainless steel fastener enterprises" FL brand won the title of "top ten technological innovation brands"

December 2013, Dongtai Huawei won the title of "contract abiding and trustworthy" unit in Jiangsu Province

2014.07 won the title of "three level safety production standardization" enterprise

2015.09   "FL" trademark of Dongtai Huawei Co., Ltd. won China's famous trademark

2016.08  obtained 15 utility model patent certificates reviewed and issued by China Intellectual Property Office

2016.11   Huawei's "FL" brand stainless steel fastener won the title of "top ten best fastener comprehensive brand" rated by fastener professional media

2017.02  "transformation and upgrading" advanced enterprise of Dongtai Yancheng Enterprise Technology Center

2017.09  won the title of "secondary safety production standardization" enterprise

2017.10   it obtained the examination of the State Intellectual Property Office and issued one invention patent certificate

2018.03  obtained one invention patent certificate (2 invention patents in total) reviewed and issued by the State Intellectual Property Office

2018.10 won the title of "high tech enterprise"

2019.04  won the title of "small and medium-sized technological enterprises"




Add : Zhouhuang Industrial Park Qindong Town Dongtai City Jiangsu China

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